Relocating from one place to another is certainly a tough task. If you have a family with children, then the task becomes even tougher. We often end up making mistakes which could make the entire relocation and movement a nightmare. Here are a few important which perhaps could help you to avoid house moving from becoming a nightmare.

House Moving Nightmare

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  1. Not Researching Your Mover

 This is one of the most common mistakes we often make while choosing a packer and mover. You must do the due diligence process thoroughly and be sure about their credentials and background. They should be licensed by the Transportation Department of your state.

  1. Do Not Pack Heavy Items In Big Boxes

Unlike the common perception, it always is better to back heavy items in small boxes because they will stay compactly in place.

  1. Do Not Overspend On Packing

Many of us often spend big money packing the belongings. While safe packing is a must, you could use cardboard boxes and other such things available in homes to pack your belongings. You could save big money on this.

  1. Never Forget Measurements

Before moving to your new home, make it a point to measure the clearance space. Otherwise you could be in for some rude shock and end up having excess luggage which could be a big problem.

  1. Be Careful With Packing Of Corrosive, Inflammable and Explosive Material

It is important that you do not pack and transports flammable, corrosive and explosive material. You will be taking a big risk and would also be violating the law of the land.

  1. Keep Your Bill Of Lading Safe

It would be a big problem if you lose your bill of lading. This is an important document laying out the contract between you and the movers. It is important not only for unpacking and unloading of your belongings but also the reference point for any disputed.

  1. Do Not Ignore Taxes

There are clearly laid down rules and regulations regarding taxes and the same should always be kept in mind. You must not ignore the same and doing so will be at your own risk and you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

  1. Mark The Packed Boxes Properly

It would be wrong to leave the packed boxes blank. They must be properly labeled. If needed, you also should mention handling instructions and also give some information about the contents inside the boxes. This could lead to damages and your belonging will certainly reach safe and in one piece in your new home.

  1. Do Not Disrespect Your Movers

You should be known to each and every member of your moving crew. You should treat them with respect and courtesy demands that you treat them with some light refreshments. If you are in good terms with your movers, you can be sure that they will take extra care of your belongings and ensure their safety.

  1. Do Not Forget To Change Your Address

Always be sure to mention your new home in the address change column. Leaving it unchanged with the old address could create quite a bit of confusion.

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